Models & Processes

We design our models and processes to be practical and create them specifically to help organizations in the lifelong learning market.

Learning Business Maturity ModelTM

This model articulates the characteristics of a mature market-facing learning business or line of business, as well as the stages that typically precede full maturity. We developed it based on the common problems and opportunities we’ve seen in our years of working with a wide range of learning businesses. The model’s framework helps you assess your organization’s capabilities and problem areas and provides a clear path so you can move from problem to opportunity to innovation.

Learning Business Maturity Model

Value Ramp

Value RampTM

The Value Ramp is a simple yet incredibly powerful tool when developing, assessing, and clarifying product strategy. In fact, we believe the Value Ramp, along with a page or two of notes, can form the basis for your entire strategy.

Market Insight Matrix TM

The Market Insight Matrix combines three stages (idea generation, idea verification and idea testing) with three categories of activities (tracking, listening, and asking) to create a rigorous and practical process to help you better understand your market for lifelong learning, continuing education, and professional development and identify learning products that will address market needs.

Market Insight Matrix

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