Our clients include organizations that create, market, and sell lifelong learning experiences, businesses that provide services to these organizations, and firms that are invested in or plan to invest in the market for lifelong learning, continuing education, and professional development.

Tagoras serves learning businesses.

Learning Businesses

Our learning business clients include large trade and professional associations, nonprofit training and education providers, commercial training and education firms, and academic continuing, professional, and online education (PCO) units.

Service Providers

Our service provider clients include learning technology companies, instructional design and development firms, catalog publishers, and other organizations that provide technology, content, and services to learning businesses.

Tagoras serves service providers.
Tagoras serves investment firms.

Investment Firms

Our investment firm clients include companies seeking to better understand opportunities in the market for lifelong learning, vet specific investment prospects, or grow service providers or learning businesses in which they have already invested.

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