Strategy Formulation

With more than 20 years of experience in the business of lifelong learning, continuing education, and professional development, we can guide your organization in formulating and implementing a strategy that will set your education business apart from the crowd.

In our strategy work, we focus exclusively on organizations that serve the market for continuing education and professional development. These include trade and professional associations, academic professional, continuing, and online (PCO) education units, and commercial training firms that serve the lifelong learning market. In most cases, our clients seek to increase registrations and enrollments, deliver more learning impact and value, and maximize net revenue.

Some of the specific areas in which we advise clients include:

  • Strategy development for growing your education and training business
    We help our clients discover new markets and grow existing markets for their educational products and services through identifying new strategic opportunities and achieving strong differentiation. Our work spans traditional place-based education and events as well as cutting edge new media and Web-based approached. No matter how competitive your market, Tagoras consultants can help you break away from the pack, deliver remarkable value, and drive bottom line revenue growth.
  • Strategy and technology advising for launching an online education business line
    Often organizations start plugging technologies into their educational programs before they have made the effort to fully understand the needs of their market or the ways that learning technologies need to integrate across the organization. This often results in delivering significantly lower value at higher cost. Tagoras can help you:
    • better assess your prospective customers and competitors
    • formulate innovative content strategies and delivery formats
    • determine key integration points across broader organizational strategy and technologies
    • develop a sound revenue and pricing strategy
    • select an LMS, virtual platform or other appropriate technologies for product, delivery, and management
    • source vendors and contract with the best vendors for your needs
    • monitor and sustain program performance over time
  • Revitalizing existing programs and increasing revenue
    Often organizations have already started blending technologies into their learning initiatives, but are not getting the results they expected. Maybe online course or virtual conference registrations are lower than expected, or attendance at face-to-face programs has declined. Whatever the situation, Tagoras can help you solve the problem, decide how best to move forward, and develop a plan for achieving the best results possible.

These are just a few examples of the areas in which we can help your learning business market its continuing education and professional development offerings more effectively. We encourage you to read some of what our customers say about us, then contact us to discuss in detail how we might help you.

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