Mission to Learn

Mission to Learn

Created to serve lifelong learners, Mission to Learn is a site focused on how we learn and how we can leverage learning to live in an intelligent, informed, and fulfilling way. Week in and week out, the site provides content geared to helping learners identify high-quality learning experiences, invest wisely in their learning, and be more effective as learners. Key questions driving the site include:

  • How can we develop habits that make us successful lifelong learners?
  • What does the latest science tell us about how we learn?
  • How can we boost our performance in the areas of personal life and work that we care about the most?
  • How can we consistently apply what we learn to live healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives?
  • How can we help others learn and contribute to making the world a better place?
  • What does it mean to be wise? And how can we advance toward wisdom?

We live in an incredible time for lifelong learning—the Web is packed with resources and ways for us to connect and collaborate with others. But all these opportunities come with challenges. Mission to Learn helps serious lifelong learners meet these challenges. While many learners find Mission to Learn on their own, we also encourage learning businesses and edupreneurs to point to it as a valuable resource for the learners they serve.

Visit the Mission to Learn Web site to explore the available resources and learn more.

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