Market Amplification

As the market for lifelong learning grows and matures, it is becoming much more crowded for technology and service providers that focus on learning businesses, experts, and the lifelong learners they serve. Through our publishing channels and events we are able to reach audiences that include:

  • Decision makers and influencers at trade and professional associations and other providers of continuing education and professional development
  • Consultants, coaches, trainers and other subject matter experts who are increasingly leveraging technologies to create, market, and sell their own learning products
  • Adult lifelong learners interested in participating in online courses and educational events

We help providers amplify their visibility with these audiences, attract high-quality leads, and convert these leads into long-term customers through standard and customized sponsorship options as well as affiliate relationships.

Standard Sponsorships

We offer a range of sponsorships in the multiple channels we maintain for reaching different areas of the market for lifelong learning. These include opportunities for visibility and lead generation through Webinars, podcasts, research publications, and educational events. Whether your aim is to reach large learning businesses, solopreneurs, or individual lifelong learners, we can provide a direct path for connecting with a highly targeted audience of prospective customers.

Custom Sponsorships

With our custom packages, you have the opportunity to blend aspects of our standard sponsorships and our advisory services with specific goals that we define together. The result is a blend of vision and actionable insights that will stand your company apart from the competition.

Affiliate Marketing

Through our various channel sites we reach thousands of people daily who are likely looking for the types of products and services your company sells. We partner with a limited number of companies to include affiliate links in our content and/or to promote specific offers through commission-based joint ventures.

Contact us today to explore how we can help you achieve your goals in serving the global market for lifelong learning, continuing education, and professional development.

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