Maturity Accelerator Program (MAP)™

MAP is a multi-week program designed to help organizations effectively leverage the Tagoras Learning Business Maturity Model in a way that aligns with their specific situation and needs. The program combines the following:

  • An initial maturity assessment
  • Supporting content (e.g., readings, videos) on key aspects of the maturity model
  • Team meetings facilitated by Tagoras consultants
  • Cohort-based learning and planning throughout the seven-week period
  • Development of a maturity action plan with clear, measurable goals and accountability

Participating organizations may also opt for a one-year re-assessment and re-calibration.

Who Is It For?

The Tagoras Learning Business Maturity Model

This offering is for learning businesses that have multiple team members, generate at least $500K annually from learning products and services, and are committed to taking their business to a new level in the coming year.

To ensure the best experience, we require a minimum of four participants. The primary leader of the learning business must be one of the participants. Others may include managers or key individual contributors, including individuals external to the core learning business team but essential to its success (e.g., marketing, IT, or certification staff).

While there will be common components of this offering for all participating organizations, our aim is to customize the experience as much as possible to address the specific needs of each organization.

With that goal in mind, the initial step for participation in the program is a discovery call with key team members to understand your situation, determine whether the program is a good fit, and identify key needs that we will incorporate into a customized curriculum proposal.

Questions before booking a discovery call? Contact us.

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