Learning Revolution

We believe the dramatic growth in demand for lifelong learning represents a unique opportunity for individual experts and small expertise-based business – consultants, coaches, speakers, trainers – to become edupreneurs. The mission of Learning Revolution is to help edupreneurs capitalize on this opportunity. Through a range of resources, the site helps edupreneurs reach their audience; deliver compelling, effective learning experiences; and grow a thriving, impactful education business.

Learning Revolution helps edupreneurs answer key questions.

Learning Revolution
  • How do I find and connect with an audience that will value my expertise?
  • How do I decide on the right educational products and experiences to offer?
  • How do I create and sell online courses?
  • How do I deliver learning experiences that will have real impact?
  • How can I be strategic and ensure my learning business will grow over time?

Visit the Learning Revolution Web site to explore the available resources and learn more.

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