Service Providers

Growing recognition of the critical role lifelong learning now plays in both work and life has created great opportunities for companies that provide products and services to learning businesses. At the same time, standing out and competing effectively grows more challenging daily. We help learning technology companies, instructional design and development firms, catalog publishers, and other service companies find and connect with customers and lay the foundation for successful growth.

If you represent a service provider committed to serving the third sector of education, we can help you through market amplification, advisory services, speaking, facilitation, and more.

Market Amplification

Through our portfolio of online channels, events, and publications, we offer a range of market amplification options to help service providers to learning businesses and the broader market for lifelong learning raise their brand visibility, attract the attention of their target prospects, convert these prospects into high-quality leads, and grow their businesses. Contact us to find out about the range of options we currently offer.

Advisory Services

We’re available as advisors to help you identify new opportunities and tackle new challenges as they arise. Our ongoing advisory retainer clients get unlimited access by phone and e-mail to the most appropriate members of the Tagoras team for helping you with your goals – from growing your presence in the trade and professional association market, to reaching coaches, consultants and educational creators, to understanding the most important trends in the market for adult lifelong learning. Optional services, like in-person meetings and feedback on key documents, may also be added to advisory services to ensure all your strategic needs are met.

Facilitation and Speaking

We have more than two decades of experiences as entrepreneurs, analysts, and consultants in the market for lifelong learning. We can bring this experience to keynote presentations for your customer meetings or in strategy sessions with your executive team, sales and marketing teams, board, or key customer stakeholders.

Contact us today to discuss in detail how we might help to you.

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