Rebecca Gray

pronouns: she, her, hers

Rebecca Gray, manager of operations at Tagoras

Rebecca Gray, manager of operations at Tagoras, brings years of administrative and operational expertise to the company along with experience as a business owner herself. She specializes in project management, risk management, operations, standardization, human resources support, and stakeholder management. Additionally, Rebecca has been at the forefront of growing successful business models, from start-ups to franchising companies.

Prior to joining Tagoras, Rebecca worked as the head of operations at a single-source consulting firm that she helped grow to seven figures in yearly revenue. She expanded internal operational systems and managed 20+ complex projects simultaneously, along with the associated team members and stakeholders.

Rebecca draws on her belief in professional development as inspiration for team collaboration, guidance, and goal-setting at Tagoras, where she will push the company’s vision forward.

Aside from her work at Tagoras and her drive to always be an active adult lifelong learner, Rebecca is working on credentials in other fields of interest, including becoming a certified full spectrum doula.

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