Effective Pricing

Below you will find links to the slides and other resources for Effective Pricing Practices for Learning Businesses

Session Slides

Pricing Resource Links

The following additional resources may be of use:

  • Sample Van Westendorp survey (PDF)
    We talked about Van Westendorp as a way to ask question to get at “What do we know?” This is a copy of a Van Westendorp survey we ran to determine pricing for a virtual conference.
  • Value Ramp (Web page)
    We talked about the Value Ramp as a conceptual model for getting at “What do we know?” You can find out more about it at the link above.
  • Pricing Online Learning
    A detailed article on key aspects of pricing online education. The principles also apply to other formats and, at the end, the article provide links to a range of other articles on pricing.
  • 3 Axioms of Pricing Your Educational Products
    A video overview of three important points to understand about pricing

Other Tagoras/Leading Learning Resources

Additionally, you may find these other items helpful:

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