A Remedy to the Strategy Vacuum in Our Mobile Learning White Paper

BY Celisa Steele

"Mobile Learning and Associations" (a white paper from Tagoras)There’s often a vacuum when it comes to organizations’ strategy for their learning business—we’ve seen this over and over again in our research and when working with associations. And we’ve lamented that lack of strategy in more than one publication.

The most recent lamentation comes in our new complimentary “Mobile Learning and Associations: A Chance to Move the Dial” white paper.

But we don’t stop at lamenting the lack—we also offer a primer on strategy.

We believe many organizations struggle with strategy because they don’t know how to start a strategy discussion or what to expect from it. In the white paper we take a brief but useful look at strategy in a primer that can help you get unstuck if strategy is at issue in your organization’s learning business.

The white paper includes the following:

  • A definition of m-learning (like so many terms, what’s meant can differ from context to context or speaker to speaker, so we lay out our definition up front)
  • A look at the mobile landscape in general and the potential for m-learning
  • The aforementioned mobile learning strategy primer
  • Four arguments for m-learning—i.e., why you might invest in m-learning
  • Four approaches to developing m-learning and an overview of some of the key technology questions
  • A reminder to not forget the “m” in selling (your e-commerce should be mobile-friendly if you’re offering m-learning)
  • A commentary by InReach (sponsor of the white paper, making it possible for us to offer you this resource for free) on mobile learning as the next phase in the evolution of continuing education
  • Three from-the-real-world looks at how associations are using m-learning

We as a culture increasing rely on mobile technology—studies even suggest that our memories work differently now that technology is ubiquitous and we can resort to Google rather than storing that information in our brains.

Given that mobile technology is here to stay, it seems clear that organizations in the business of—and serious about—lifelong learning need to move beyond thinking about m-learning and dabbling to determining how m-learning fits with their strategy and how it can help them move the dial in their professions and industries and show the impact of learning in meaningful ways.

So check out the free “Mobile Learning and Associations: A Chance to Move the Dial” white paper. May you find it useful in creating or refining your organization’s approach to m-learning.


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