Open Source vs. Commercial LMS

BY Jeff Cobb

WBT Systems, one of the providers covered in our Association Learning Management Systems research has just released a new report titled “Open Source or Commercial Learning Management System?” Yes, coming from a commercial learning management system provider, this is a a bit of a loaded proposition, but WBT has done a good job in previous reports of maintaining an objective viewpoint, and it does so in this one as well.

The report “looks at the pros and cons of both an open source and commercial LMS and takes a deep dive into areas such as license fees, IT resources, support & maintenance, product roadmap, security and industry best practice.” You will have to fork over an e-mail address to get it, but that’s all – and I think it is worth it.

You can download “Open Source or Commercial Learning Management System?” and other reports from the WBT Systems Web site (


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