Global Learning Trends and What They Mean for Organizations in the Business of Lifelong Learning

BY Celisa Steele

A month ago, we held the Leading Learning Spring Summit in Washington, DC, and we took our own advice and treated the event like a production event, capturing the comments made by the presenters.

Now we have videos from the summit to share with folks who couldn’t attend in person. You can access them on the Web site for our upcoming Leading Learning Symposium at

There are a few shorter clips and then a longer (35-minute) one of Tony Bingham, president and CEO of the Association for Talent Development, discussing major, global trends in learning and talent development and how these impact organizations in the business of lifelong learning, continuing education, and professional development.

One of the insights I took away from Tony’s talk was his assertion (made around the 13-minute mark in the video) that if he were the chief information officer at an organization he’d do whatever he could to take over any systems that demonstrate impact of learning. Because learning is the value creator in most organizations.

I’m sure that point struck me in part because it aligns with my belief in the need for learning analytics and ways to demonstrate the impact of learning.

I encourage you to carve out the time to view the videos and find the insights that align with and build on your own thinking about your organization’s learning business.


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