What Are the Opportunities and Challenges for E-learning?

BY Celisa Steele

Leading Learning Reflection QuestionsE-learning opportunities and challenges are precisely what we’ll dig into during Thursday’s Leading Learning Webinar, “E-learning for Executives.” It’s geared for executives and the staff and board members who need to collaborate with organizational executives to launch or grow e-learning initiatives.

The world of e-learning has evolved at a breathtaking pace.

That’s left many organizational leaders wondering how it should fit into their organization’s strategy.

Thursday we’ll offer up a general lay of the land for e-learning (our 35,000-foot view), highlight what we see as key trends executives and board members should be tuned into, and suggest actions organization could be taking.

There’s a lot of noise out there; focus is crucial.

We always build in time for questions in our Leading Learning Webinars, but, given the nature of this one, we’re building in even more time for Q&A, and we’ve gotten a good number of comments and questions in advance, from folks already registered for the Webinar. Things like:

  • “We have become a very global membership society at this point, and e-learning provides the opportunity to serve members across the globe, year-round. We just released our online ed platform earlier this year and are aggressively adding new content, but it’s challenging to serve a very diverse audience well (entry knowledge, English language skills), to personalize content, and to get engagement with the new platform.”
  • “Our organization is right now implementing a LMS system, and I feel that they have a ‘build it and they will come’ philosophy. If things don’t work, they blame it on the technology…. Any guidance on leading staff to be proactive in both strategic thinking, as well as in leading our members to become more comfortable with using technology?”
  • “We have struggled with leaders taking e-learning seriously. Many have a tendency to boot up the Webcast and then continue to work with the background noise. How can we position the learning as just that–so people will engage differently and get better outcomes?

If these challenges or opportunities sound familiar, I invite you to come hear what Jeff and I  have to say Thursday, and we’ll welcome additional comments and questions throughout the Webinar, so you haven’t missed your chance to chime in.

And, if you don’t have specific questions or comments, but just want to get a bead on what’s happening in e-learning that executives should be aware of, we’ll cover that too.

To register, sign up at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3787486969922758658, for free. (All registrants receive a link to the recording.)

We’re grateful to Blue Sky Broadcast for sponsoring the Webinar so we can offer it for free.

Hope to “see” you Thursday.


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