The Tagoras Virtual Events Report

Cover image for The Virtual Events Report from TagorasMost organizations that offer events reach only a small slice of their potential audience with traditional place-based offerings. The remainder get nothing – or worse yet, find other sources for learning and networking. Virtual events can help you solve this critical problem – and The Virtual Events Report  gives you the information and insights you need to get started.

This comprehensive report is designed for decision-makers who want leading edge knowledge to support their strategic planning for virtual events. It is equally valuable to vendors who serve or aim to serve the events and meetings industry.

The Virtual Events Report will help you:

  • Determine timing and pricing for your virtual events
  • Understand what level of registration and attendance to expect
  • Identify the tools most commonly used to deliver virtual events
  • Avoid the mistakes and benefit from the success of other organizations

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Additional Information

Based on survey data collected from 215 organizations, the 60-page report provides:

  • An overview if the current state of virtual events
  • Data for how virtual events are being used from three perspectives:
    • The Operational Perspective
    • The Business Perspective
    • The Organizational Perspective
  • Insights from authors Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele, who together have nearly three decades of experience in helping organizations plan and implement learning and technology initiatives – and who host an annual virtual event themselves

There simply is no better source for understanding the emerging role of virtual events in the events and educational event  industry. If you are considering a virtual conference or other virtual event, you are on the verge of making a significant investment. The Virtual Events Report will help you learn fast and get on the road to success.

Nearly 80 percent of organizations that have held a virtual event found that registrations either met or exceeded expectations. Of organizations that have held a virtual event in the past, 92.3 percent indicated they would do so again—and many already have multiple times.

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