What’s Blended Distribution?

BY Celisa Steele

You’ve probably heard a lot about blended learning, but how about blended distribution? I hadn’t heard the term until Monday when I caught up with Dave Will, Chief Executive Peach, at Peach New Media to talk about Association Learning + Technology. The 2014 report looks at the use of technology to enable and enhance learning in the association market, and you can snag it for free at http://www.tagoras.com/download/6165.

We’re grateful to Peach New Media for sponsoring the report so we can distribute it at no charge, and Dave is a thoughtful guy getting his hands dirty in the use of technology for learning. When I talked with Dave, I asked for his take on the data he found most interesting in the report and about the fundamental shift from questioning whether to use technology to the almost-foregone conclusion that technology will play some role, so how do we do it most effectively?

To wrap up, Dave shares what he thinks associations have to do in 2014 to be really successful with their learning initiatives, and blended distribution figures in his answer.

Check out the full interview (around 12 minutes) to find out what blended distribution is, but I’ll mention that the concept fits nicely with the value ramp Jeff shared a couple of weeks ago.


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