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Continuing education is a booming, competitive market. Outperform the competition with this how-to-do-it-right guide.

Leading the Learning Revolution
The Expert’s Guide to Capitalizing on the Exploding Lifelong Education Market
Jeff Cobb

Leading the Learning Revolution CoverLifelong learning has become a multibillion dollar business, with more than 60 million adults currently engaged in webinars, webcasts, in-house training, continuing education classes, and more.  But it is also an industry in flux, as newcomers topple old-guard organizations that can’t keep pace with the need for instant access to material, flexible delivery methods, and demands for community and connection.

Leading the Learning Revolution is the first book to explain how to tap into this lucrative market, which rewards the most forward-thinking training firms, professional associations, continuing education programs, entrepreneurial speakers and consultants, and others. Filled with insights from the author’s vast experience, field-tested strategies, interviews, and anecdotes, the book explains how to:

  • Use technology to create high-impact learning opportunities
  • Develop content that is faster and better than the competition’s
  • Convert prospects to customers by building connection
  • Focus on the bottom line results of lifelong learning

Successful people and organizations never stop learning, and the people and organizations that lead that learning will never stop growing!

Jeff Cobb (Carrboro, NC) is the founder of Tagoras, a research and consulting firm focused on continuing education. A frequent speaker and a vocal advocate of lifelong learning, Jeff has nearly two decades of experience in the world of learning technology and innovation.

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