Association LMS: An Interview with Jack McGrath of Digitec Interactive

BY Celisa Steele

Here’s another installment in our series of interviews with with association LMS providers we track.

Jeff talks with Jack McGrath, president of Digitec Interactive, which offers the Knowledge Direct LMS.

Jack speaks to four main topics:

  1. Who is Digitec Interactive
  2. What differentiates Digitec from other LMS companies
  3. How gamification plays into what Digitec is doing with clients
  4. His take on in the future of learning

Digitec has a decade-long history in gamification—going back to the days when you had to call them “activities” or “immersive learning simulations” because it wasn’t copasetic to call them “games”—and Jack’s take on the future of learning comes out of that history.

I think a really interesting trend we’ve seen…is the whole point system and badge system, and integrating that with the social components so you can connect with other people who are in a similar situation. There are games that will allow you to play, but if you can compete against other people with leader boards—now, suddenly, you’ve got my attention.

Badges and point systems have emerged as a recent answer to the age-old, critical question of how to engage learners and keep them involved on an ongoing basis.


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