Tagoras Platform Directory for Learning BusinessesTM

Tagoras Platform Directory for Learning Businesses
Platform requirements for trade and professional associations and other organizations that sell lifelong learning and continuing education are different from those of corporations, and the vast majority of platform vendors simply don’t understand or meet these requirements. We’ve done the work to help you find the ones that do, and we’ve assembled them into the Tagoras Platform Directory for Learning BusinessesTM that profiles for 30+ different companies.

You can view the list of companies and access some basic information about each. To access the full profiles as well as our comparison charts for these companies, you need to register. There is no charge for registration.

For verified reviews of learning management systems that are a good fit for trade and professional associations as well as other market-facing learning businesses, be sure to check out our ReviewMyLMS site.

Additional Information

The profiles focus on what we at Tagoras have seen in our years of experience as the key factors that make a platform appropriate for association use and the features and functionalities most likely to help an association differentiate among platforms(You can access the text of the questions we asked here.)

We believe these profiles will be useful to association leaders and professionals looking for learning platforms and looking to home in on platforms appropriate for their organization, based on its needs. To help ensure the relevancy of these platforms to the association audience, we required providers have a minimum of three association clients (where their platform is implemented and operational) to be included in the listing.

In addition to the platform and company names and links where you can find more information, the publicly available profiles include whether the platforms support the following features and functionality:

  • Multitenancy (so you can centrally manage subportals or subsites that allow you to provide customized access to relevant stakeholders, such as chapters or organizational customers)
  • Complex credit scenarios, where you can assign, to a single course or activity, multiple credit values (e.g., multiple credit types and/or different credit amounts based on the end user’s state of practice), and the platform then awards the appropriate credit type and amount to end users on successful completion of the course or activity
  • xAPI/Experience API/Tin Can (a way to store and retrieve records about learners and share the data across platforms)
  • cmi5, which is more specific than xAPI in defining the necessary components for system interoperability

To access the full profiles and a comparison chart, register. Full profiles include whether the platforms support the following additional features and functionality:

  • Number of current association clients (a proxy for depth of association experience)
  • Integration experience with common association management systems (AMSes)
  • Integration experience with common online community platforms
  • Integration with PARS
  • General approach to platform pricing and whether bandwidth or storage are charged separately
  • Whether the company offers support services (i.e., staffing) to help with live online events, such as Webinars
  • Whether the company offers support services (i.e., staffing) help with capturing and/or streaming content from live place-based events, such as conferences
  • Whether the company offers instructional design and custom development services

What Do We Know About Learning Platforms?

The people behind this directory, Tagoras co-founders Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele, have each been in the lifelong learning industry for nearly two decades and have spent the majority of that time working on market-facing learning initiatives. They have designed, built, and implemented learning management systems in the past, and are deeply familiar with the challenges organizations in the business of lifelong learning typically face.

Both Jeff and Celisa speak and write frequently on learning and the business of learning in the association sector and more broadly and are often quoted in publications such as the American Society of Association Executives’ Associations Now magazine.


In general, platform and provider responses are presented as submitted to Tagoras, without substantive alteration.

A profile presents a snapshot of a platform at a particular point in time. We intend to solicit updates to the profiles periodically (roughly twice a year) and will post updates when they are made available to us. But many companies continually release enhancements and updates. If a platform looks like a good fit overall but lacks certain features per its profile, contact the company directly to learn if newer versions of the platform provide the functionality.

No matter how carefully we ask questions, there is always room for interpretation. If a particular feature, functionality, or service is of great importance to your organization, be sure to ask for a detailed demonstration, check references, and do whatever is necessary to confirm that you and the provider actually understand each other.

Tagoras did not accept compensation for including specific platforms or providers in the directory, nor did Tagoras compensate any platforms or providers for participating.