New White Paper Released: “Exploring the Fringe: Flipping, Microcredentials, and MOOCs”

BY Celisa Steele

“Exploring the Fringe: Flipping, Microcredentials, and MOOCs,” our latest white paper, defines these three fringe formats—dubbed “fringe” because our research shows that none has above a 10-percent adoption rate among associations—and then looks at when each might make sense for an association to pursue and factors to consider before jumping on the trendy bandwagon.

You can grab the white paper right now simply by clicking the link below. No strings attached (though we would be truly grateful if you would share this page with others.)

The white paper also includes the following:

  • Brief from-the-field stories of what associations are doing with these fringe formats
  • Excerpts from an interview with Curt Bonk, an authority on emerging technologies for learning
  • Thoughts on why associations have a leg-up in today’s competitive world of professional education and concrete ideas for using these formats, from Tamer Ali (his company Digital Ignite, which is now part of YourMembership, sponsored this white paper so we can make it available to you for free)

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  1. Dave Lutz says:

    Jeff and Celisa, this whitepaper is gold! Really appreciate your forward thinking and gentle nudge for helping our industry take things to the next level. Thank you!

    1. Jeff Cobb says:

      Many thanks for the kind words, Dave – and for spreading the word on Twitter – Jeff

  2. I really have enjoyed reading this. I tend to share your views that associations (here in the UK/EU anyway) tend to be quite conservative in their adoption of new modalities of learning and await evidence of learning efficacy before adopting such things as MOOCs and flipped learning. Again Micro-credentials are very interesting, but I feel the same innate caution applies. I would be very interested in your views to the role Remote Proctoring is going to play in your opinion. I feel it may well unlock a greater use of e-learning innovation. Thanks again for a great white paper. David

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