Successful Internet Marketer RulesWant to lead your education business to significant growth? It pays to follow the lead of successful Internet marketers.

The term “Internet marketer” doesn’t mean just any old company or person who markets things online. Rather, it applies specifically to entrepreneurs who make their living – and in some cases make a fortune – primarily through marketing and selling effectively online. People like Jeff Walker, or Brendon Burchard, or the guys over at Internet Business Mastery (whose podcast I recommend).

Many Internet marketers sell only digital products and have no physical store or offices. Many don’t even have products of their own: they use affiliate programs to generate sales from other people’s products. Whatever their specific approach to running an online business, there is a core set of rules that all of the successful Internet marketers follow.

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Strategic Leap - 10x Test

Having done a lot of strategy work with organizations over the years, one commonality I have found is that nearly all organizations make strategy more complicated than it needs to be.

Indeed, I suspect that a view of strategy as being something time-intensive and complex is one of the key factors that keeps many organizations from engaging in serious strategy work in the first place. (Most association education programs, our research has consistently shown, do not have any sort of formal, documented strategy.)

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In simplest terms, a strategy is a clear vision of the desired future state of your business. This vision then provides a touchstone for making decisions about the activities you undertake. “Does this contribute in a meaningful way to achieving our future vision?” is the essential strategic question.

But how do you set the future vision?

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A Third of Associations Have Offered a Virtual Event

October 8, 2014

According to our recent (August 2014) online survey of associations, 33.0 percent have previously offered a virtual event, and another 21.4 percent plan to offer one in the coming year. By virtual event, we don’t mean a single Webinar or Webcast, but something that looks to replicate many aspects of a traditional place-based conference, membership […]

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Importance of Lifelong Learning for Delayed Adulthood

October 1, 2014

Laurence Steinberg, professor of psychology at Temple University and author of Age of Opportunity: Lessons from the New Science of Adolescence, recently wrote an op-ed piece in the New York Times that looks at the delayed onset of “adulthood” and touches on the implications for learning. According to a large-scale national study conducted since the […]

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Top 100 Learning Tools of 2014

September 30, 2014

In case you have not already tuned into it, Jane Hart’s annual collection of top 100 learning tools was recently posted at This is the 8th year that Jane has published the list, which she assembles based on input from more than 1,000 learning professionals. I’ve always found the diversity of the tools in this […]

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Leading Learning Webinars Resume

September 24, 2014

This Thursday our 2014 Leading Learning complimentary Webinar sessions resume after the summer hiatus. We always allow time for questions and comments from participants, and we welcome your input during the Webinars. All registrants for a Webinar receive access to a recording—so even if you can’t attend live, you can still access the content, or […]

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Facilitating Fluency, Empowering Expertise

September 15, 2014

I think most education businesses could do a lot worse than to have these two aims at the foundation of their vision and mission. Fluency suggests a high level of competence. Indeed, it is competence in action. When we are “fluent,” we feel deeply familiar with the knowledge and skills related to our chosen field […]

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The Role of the LMS in Motivating and Retaining Online Learners

September 10, 2014

Jeff recently highlighted a great free resource for motivating and retaining learners online: Adding Some TEC-VARIETY, by Curt Bonk and Elaine Khoo. If you avail yourself of the e-book, you’ll see the authors mention the key role learning management systems can play in keeping your learners engaged in online education.

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Motivating and Retaining Online Learners Online – Free Resource Shows How

September 9, 2014

Are you looking for more effective approaches to engaging and retaining online learners? Then this may be just the resource you have been looking for. Better yet, you can get it for free (read on).

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How much does it cost to create e-learning?

September 2, 2014

As you can imagine, this is a question we get quite often in our line of work. And like so many questions that consultants receive, the most accurate answer is usually the frustrating old stand-by “It depends.” Still, there is a long enough history of e-learning development at this point that we have a pretty […]

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