The tricky thing about good strategy is that it’s often deceptively simple. A big part of what makes it good is that it simplifies the confusion of all the evidence and options out there and focuses effort on the data and choices that matter.

At times, good strategy is so simple that it almost begs to be imitated. But good strategy is inimitable.

When it comes to strategy, there is no such thing as a best practice.

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Value Ramp

This Value Ramp is a mock-up of where different learning products might fall on an organization’s curve. Click the image to enlarge it.

Our Leading Learning Webinar in February focused on marketing and selling education from the value perspective, and we referenced our Value Ramp.

The Value Ramp is a tool that shows the link between value and price—the more valuable a product is in the eyes of the buyer, the more you can charge for it. In other words, increase the value of product, and you can increase the price.

The interesting corollary—and one that Jeff touched on when talking about discounts in the pricing Q&A (see the first question)—is that if the product is valuable and you don’t charge enough, people may not go for it. That is, the bargain price makes buyers suspicious; it makes them doubt the value and efficacy.

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How to Price Education Products Q & A

February 17, 2015

In the last edition of the Leading Learning newsletter we asked subscribers to share some of their toughest pricing questions. Here – with a little bit of editing to remove identifying information – are responses we provided to some of those questions. 1. Does a significant price reduction normally enhance sales? Do price reductions communicate […]

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The Value Ramp and Three Stages of Association Evolution

February 12, 2015

Tuesday I attended a presentation and discussion led by Seth Kahan—the thoughtful and intelligent guy behind The talk was entitled “Surviving and Thriving in the Age of Business Disruption,” and while there was a lot to think about in what Seth said, I found his three stages of the evolution of associations particularly interesting—particularly […]

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Sing to Your Learners: What Value Sounds Like

February 5, 2015

Bob Dylan has a new album—Shadows in the Night—and he gave a single print interview about it. The exclusive (and Dylan’s first interview in nearly three years) went to AARP. The long interview (roughly 9,000 words) was quite the snag for AARP. But they didn’t go looking for it. Dylan brought it to them. Bob […]

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What tacit value do you offer?

February 2, 2015

Most education businesses, in our experience, need to spend more time reflecting on and clearly communicating value. “Quality” in the abstract is not value. Nor is “interactivity.” These are features. They speak to the nature of the experience, but not the impact. Convenience may represent value. Timeliness may as well. But these are not strongly […]

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How to produce a tiger in the marketplace

January 27, 2015

Before he left on a trip to the state of Zhao, Pang Cong, an official of the state of Wei, asked the King of Wei whether he would hypothetically believe in a single person’s report that a tiger was roaming the markets in the capital city. “No,” replied the King. Pang Cong then asked what […]

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A Peak at Our Value Ramp and Two Upcoming Learning Opportunities to Help with Your Learning Technology Selection

January 7, 2015

At Tagoras we try to apply what we preach about the field of lifelong learning. Learning, after all, is about changing behavior, which implies application. An underpinning of much of what we preach about learning is value. As Jeff noted earlier this week, we take seriously the idea that education should be an investment. A […]

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Is your education an expense or an investment?

January 5, 2015

It’s an essential question to ask both about how you perceive your own participation in professional development activities as well as about how your prospective customers perceive participation in your organization’s offerings.

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A Virtual Track for Your Conference: Low Price and High Value [Guest Post by Lloyd Tucker]

December 15, 2014

This piece is written by Lloyd Tucker of e-Learning Solutions, a consulting company that assists associations in starting and expanding their e-learning programs. Prior to founding e-Learning Solutions, Lloyd worked in the association space for two decades. Most recently Lloyd was deputy executive director and director of education and membership for the Society for Technical […]

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