Can We Get a Little Virtual Help from Our Friends?

BY Celisa Steele

One of our continuing efforts at Tagoras is to maintain a collection of free resources to help learning businesses grow and thrive. We’re pretty proud of that collection and the substantive data and support it offers to those of you working in the business of continuing education, professional development, and lifelong learning.

But we couldn’t offer such resources without the information and insight you provide—and we need your help now to help maintain that list of resources.

Specifically, the survey that will form the basis for a new version of our virtual events report is now up. The report is due out this fall and will be available to you for free. If events of any type are part of the value your organization provides to members and/or customers, your participation is very important—even if you do not currently offer or plan to offer a virtual event and regardless of the size or budget of your organization.

The survey and the report are part of our ongoing effort to assess state role of virtual conferences, trade shows, and similar events in the broader events market. This work builds off three previous reports, the most recent of which is still available for download.

The report will cover a range of issues:

  • What features and functionalities are most common in virtual events?
  • How do attendance and revenue from virtual events compare to similar place-based events?
  • How are organizations evaluating their virtual events and measuring learning?
  • How satisfied are organizations with their virtual events?

While in the past we have focused solely on trade and professional association use of virtual conference, we are now expanding our efforts to include any businesses – commercial or nonprofit. So, no matter what type of organization or company you represent, and no matter how large or small, if conferences and other events are a part of your offerings, we’d really like to know what you are (or are not ) doing with virtual events.

What We Ask of You

Please help in two ways:

It should take no more than 10 minutes to complete, and, depending on your answers, may take only a couple of minutes.

  • Spread the word.

Share this blog post on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or your own blog, or otherwise point your audience to the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6SSV988.

Anyone who completes the survey can register to be entered in a drawing for one of five Amazon gift cards worth $50  that we will give away to five randomly selected survey participants.

Thanks for your help!


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