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We recently crossed the 50 episode mark with the Leading Learning Podcast. In celebration of that fact – and to celebrate International Podcast Day – we thought we would provide a rundown of the top 10 episodes of the show, based on number of number of downloads. We encourage you to give these a listen and also to be sure to check out the full list of episodes. If you like what you hear, please subscribe to podcast through iTunes or any podcatcher service you may use – like Instacast or Overcast.

Here’s the countdown:

10. Jailbreaking the Degree with Kelly Palmer of Degreed (Episode 40)
A relatively recent episode, this conversation with Degreed‘s Chief Learning Officer Kelly Palmer has quickly established itself in the “most popular” ranks. In it, Kelly discusses how she and Degreed are working to revolutionize how we find, track and measure lifelong learning. (Also see our related post on Learning from Big Learning, which highlights Degreed.)

9. Serious Flipped Learning with Dr. Brian McGowan (Episode 29)
Brian McGowan is someone whose thinking and work we have enjoyed following over the years. In this episode we talk about research he has done into what we feel is one of the most important trends in lifelong learning. Brian also has the distinction of being a two-time guest. Be sure to catch his more recent episode on Action, Engagement, and Effectiveness.

8. Learner Engagement – What It Is and How to Foster It (Episode 27)
Engagement is a buzzword in the world of learning. In this episode, we offer our view on what we mean – or should mean – when we say engagement and how to make it an integral part of your learning offerings.

7. Telling Still Ain’t Training with Harold Stolovitch (Episode 26)
Harold Stolovitch and Erica Keeps Telling Ain’t Training is a bona fide classic in the world of training and development. It offers an incredibly practical guide to how to develop and deliver effective learning experiences. In this episode, Harold covers some of the key insights from the book and how they apply in the business of lifelong learning.

6. The Power of Reflection in Learning and Leading (Episode 25)
In this episode we reflect on reflection – a critical aspect of effective learning and one that, in our experience, does not get enough attention or practice.

5. Elevating Education with Jay Donohue of IAAP (Episode 21)
Jay Donohue, CEO of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), discusses the role learning plays the value proposition for his organization as well as association in general. Jay is also one of two people in our CEO-series to make it into the top ten (read on for the next one).

4. Make It Stick with Peter C. Brown (Episode 20)
Make It Stick is one of our Emphatically Recommending Readings for the Leading Learning Symposium and one of our all around favorite books on learning. So, we knew we had to get one of the authors onto the show. Peter obliged, and provides advice for how organizations in the business of lifelong learning can apply the research and strategies highlighted in the book

3. The Critical Role of Learning with Dana Woods of AACN (Episode 32)
As CEO of the Association of Critical Care Nurses, Dana Woods is a leader who understands the critical role that her association plays in supporting the field it serves. In this episode, she talks about where learning and education fit into AACN’s value proposition, as well as some current learning initiatives at AACN and the potential impact those are having on nurses. Dana is one of two people in our CEO-series (see Jay Donohue above) to make it into the top 10. We have had – and will continue to have – some other great CEO interviews, though, so be sure to check them out.

2. Leading Learning Episode #1 (Episode 1)
Ah, this is where it all started – episode numero uno of the Leading Learning podcast. In it, we set the tone, lay out what to expect, and discuss some of the key themes that run throughout our work.

1. The Future of Learning with Clar Rosso of AICPA (Episode 24)
It’s probably no surprise that Leading Learning listeners would be wondering about the future of learning. Clar Rosso, Vice President of Member Learning and Competency at the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), has plenty of great insights to share on that topic, and obviously struck a chord with this episode. Tune in to get a glimpse of the future – and congrats to Clar and AICPA for claiming the #1 spot!

Enjoy, and please spread the word about the show!


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