Social Technologies + Learning: What Are Membership Organizations Doing?

BY Celisa Steele

We’ve launched a new version of our survey on how membership organizations use social technologies as part of their learning products and services. Input from the survey will form the basis of a report we will share (for free) in the coming months, but first we need your help getting good data to share.

If you work for a membership organization, please go (or send the right person in your organization) to the following link to participate. The survey takes only about 10 minutes on average.

Your participation is very important—even if you do not currently use or plan to use social technologies as part of your learning products or services and regardless of the size or budget of your association.

After completing the survey, participants have the chance to register to win one of five registrations to Learning • Technology • Design 2017 that we will give away to five randomly selected survey participants.

The purpose of the survey is to better understand how membership organizations are and aren’t using social technologies (private online communities, public social networking sites, wikis, etc.) to deliver learning products and services. The report that comes from the survey data will cover a range of issues:

  • What types of social technologies are membership organizations using as part of their learning products or services?
  • How are they using the social technologies for learning?
  • Is use of social technologies for learning governed by a strategy?
  • Does the use of social technologies tie to learning objectives?
  • How satisfied are membership organizations with their use of social technologies for learning?

We would also be truly grateful if you would share the survey link on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or your own blog, or otherwise point your colleagues who work in continuing education and professional development at membership organizations to the survey:


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