Virtual Events Resource Center

Association Virtual EventsThis page features resources that complement Association Virtual Events: State of the Sector, a report from Tagoras that provides data, in-depth analysis, and case studies for the emerging trend of virtual events, conferences, and trades shows in the trade and professional association sector. (To get a free copy of the report, simply sign up for our newsletter.)

If you have great virtual event resources you would like to share, please contact us.You can read through the whole page or use the links below to jump to the topics that interest you. To explore other resources, go to our main Resources page.

Interview & Audio

The following Leading Learning episodes (each with extensive show notes) focus on virtual events:

Video Definition of Virtual Conferences

This just-under-five-minute clip from ASTD provides a practical definition of a virtual conference.

20 Tips for Successful Virtual Events

This downloadable PDF provides just what the title says–tips drawn from our online surveys and discussions with a wide range of associations who’ve offered virtual events to help you make your virtual event a success. Get your free copy of “20 Tips for Successful Virtual Events.

Sample Virtual Event Landing Pages

The following are links to the Web pages or micro-sites for a range of associations that have offered virtual events. They can help you get a better feel for what other organizations are doing or have done in the past.

White Paper on 100-Percent Online Conferences

In “Getting It Right: Five Steps to Planning a Successful 100% Online Conference” is a concise look at the typical components of a completely virtual conference and offers an overview of three real-world 100-percent online conferences.

Survey on Hybrid Events

Results from a survey conducted by Digitell on Why Do Professionals Attend a Hybrid Event. See also the Association Now write up on the survey: Study Dispels Myths About Virtual Events.

Virtual Event Technology and Service Providers

The following companies provide virtual conference platforms, services related to use of those platforms, or both. We’ve focused the list on organizations that have experience working with associations and provide services as well as technology (which is why you won’t find Adobe Connect, Elluminate, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Live Meeting, WebEx, and the like below.)