value-ramp-smMarketing for continuing education, professional development, and lifelong learning programs very often does not get the attention it deserves. To help you in your efforts, we’ve compiled a number of the resources we’ve created on this one page – all organized according the classic “4Ps” of marketing: product, pricing, promotion, and placement (distribution). Book mark it, share it, come back often – we’re always adding to it. To explore other resources, go to our main Resources page.


  • The Value Ramp (Blog Post | PDF)
    The Value Ramp is a simple yet amazingly powerful tool when it comes to developing and assessing your product strategy. We’d go so far as to argue that the Ramp, along with a page or two of notes, can form the basis for your entire strategy.
  • The Market Insight Matrix (Blog Post and Downloadable PDF)
    The Market Insight Matrix is a tool for helping you better understand and assess your market for continuing education and professional development.



  • Webinar Marketing Survey Data (Blog Post with Summary Data PDF link)
    Data from 146 responses to our Webinar marketing survey. We asked participants about how they are marketing and selling their Webinars – including pricing – as well as about how they use Webinars as a marketing tool.

Placement (Distribution)

  • The Market Maker Business Model
    Market Makers do the work of aggregating enough expertise and cultivating enough of an audience to provide subject matter experts (SMEs) with a built in marketplace. It’s a distribution model many association may want to consider providing for their SMEs.

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