Theory and General Resources

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Articles and Blog Posts

  • E-learning 2.0
    An article by Stephen Downes that influenced much of the subsequent thinking about Learning 2.0. (Yes, already 5 years ago!)
  • Rethinking e-Learning
    Recent article by Clark Quinn that does a good job of capturing how learning has evolved over the past few years.
  • What is Social Learning? (PDF Version)
    An 2010 article in Ecology and Society that attempts to address some of the confusion around “social learning” as a term. While not specifically about social media or other technologies, the issues the article covered are arguably critical to how associations approach social learning as a concept. We also did a blog post on Defining Social Learning that is adapted from this article.
  • Tagoras blog posts
    Tagoras blog posts on social learning are tagged “social learning.”


While none of the following books is focused specifically on associations, each provides insights and examples that any educator or organizational leader will find helpful.



A good presentation from Jane Hart on social learning. This was posted at around the same time as the original edition of Learning 2.0 for Associations and covers many of the same points. Jane has also recently started a new Social Learning Community.