Join Us For Learning • Technology • Design (LTD) 2018

BY Jeff Cobb

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Ready to take your learning business into the future? Join us at LTD 2018 the learning event designed specifically for professionals in the business of lifelong learning.

At Tagoras, we have some great things on tap for 2018, and one of the big ones is the third Learning • Technology • Design (LTD) conference, which will take place throughout the month of February.

That’s right, throughout the month of February. You see, LTD 2018 is a virtual conference, and we are taking advantage of the medium to design an event that is much more geared to how people really learn than the average conference.

Rather than overload your brain with more than it can possibly process in a 2-3 day period, our goal is to provide content in more “digestible” amounts and also to allow appropriate time for review, reflection, discussion, and application of the approaches covered in sessions. You will walk away having absorbed practical, actionable knowledge that can really move the dial on your learning business.

The event will offer will offer:

  • Eight online workshops – two on each of the Thursdays throughout the month
  • Shorter Content Pods on three of the Tuesdays during the month
  • Priming and Synthesis sessions to help bring everything together
  • Follow Up Fridays” question and answer sessions
  • An online community to enable participants to connect with peers and with us for informal learning opportunities throughout the event

For the workshops, we will focus on in-depth applied-learning opportunities facilitated by front-line practitioners (as opposed to consultants or vendors). You can see the workshops we have planned and access the schedule on the event Web site.

The Content Pods will be oriented around a tool, a process visual, or a brief case study with clear, actionable insights that can be applied to participants’ day-to-day work. We have posted some ideas on the program page about what these will be, but ultimately our intention is for them to be dynamic content shaped by input from registrants. (We’re in the process of gathering that input right now, so register soon!)

All sessions will be recorded and made available to registrants through the end of May, 2018.

Overall, the event is all about helping trade and professional associations and other market-facing learning businesses more effectively leverage new technologies and approaches to learning to engage learners and create lasting impact. Unlike corporate and academic-focused conferences, LTD is is designed specifically for professionals who work in the business of lifelong learning, continuing education, and professional development.

If finding new and better ways to engage learners and create lasting impact through the effective use of technology is of interest to you, we hope to see you online in February at at Learning • Technology • Design. You can learn more and register on the event Web site. Through January 12, use the code tagorasltd to get $100 off when checking out.

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