Association Mavens & the Learning Revolution

BY Jeff Cobb

Association Mavens - Learning Revolution

I’ve been meaning to mention that I recently did an interview with Association Mavens. I mention this not only as a method of shameless self promotion (of which I am not ashamed), but also because I think this is a resource – my interview aside – that readers here really ought to tune into. Bryan Kelly – who I suppose should be dubbed “the Maven Maker” – does a great job there of capturing insights from thought leaders in the association sector.

Association Mavens is a valuable resource and (because it is valuable) it is an excellent example of effective content marketing that you might consider emulating in your own efforts. (Bryan is an employee of Aptify, a major AMS provider.)

So, check out the interview, and while you are there, be sure to give Bryan a little social media love by clicking the “In,” “Share” and “Tweet” buttons at the bottom of the post.


P.S. – Naturally, if you haven’t already, I would be ever so grateful if you grabbed a copy of Leading the Learning Revolution. In fact, I’ll send a free signed copy to the first three people who comment on Bryan’s post and either (a) ask a question based on the interview or (b) suggest someone else you would like to see Bryan interview.

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