Learning Platform Profiles

Profiles for 30+ learning platforms and providers are listed below. Partial profiles, based on a subset of the questions we asked of each vendor can be accessed without registration. To access the full profiles and a comparison chart, register or log in if you are already registered.

A Related Resource: ReviewMyLMS.com

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Providing reviews of learning management systems by and for professionals working in market-facing learning businesses, ReviewMyLMS.com is the perfect complement to the Tagoras Platform Directory for Learning Businesses. If you have used a platform from any of the companies listed here, we encourage you to visit ReviewMyLMS and leave a review.

Participating Platforms and Providers

  1. Asentia
  2. Aura Innovative Technology
  3. Avilar
  4. BizVision
  5. Blue Sky eLearn
  6. BlueVolt
  7. CommPartners
  8. Conduent
  9. Crowd Wisdom
  10. Digitec Interactive
  11. Digitell
  12. eLogic Learning
  13. Enforme Interactive
  14. EthosCE
  15. Freestone
  16. iCohere
  17. InReach Continuing Education Solutions
  18. Latitude CG
  19. LearningCart
  20. LearnUpon
  21. Meridian Knowledge Solutions
  23. Oasis LMS
  24. Premier
  25. Roundtable Learning
  26. Scitent
  27. SmarterU
  28. Thinking Cap
  29. Thought Industries
  30. TOPYX
  31. WBT Systems
  32. Web Courseworks

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In general, platform and provider responses are presented in the directory as submitted to Tagoras, without substantive alteration.

A profile presents a snapshot of a platform at a particular point in time. We intend to solicit updates to the profiles periodically (roughly twice a year) and will post updates when they are made available to us. But many companies continually release enhancements and updates. If a platform looks like a good fit overall but lacks certain features per its profile, contact the company directly to learn if newer versions of the platform provide the functionality.

No matter how carefully we ask questions, there is always room for interpretation. If a particular feature, functionality, or service is of great importance to your organization, be sure ask for a detailed demonstration, check references, and do whatever is necessary to confirm that you and the provider actually understand each other.

Tagoras did not accept compensation for including specific platforms or providers in the directory, nor did Tagoras compensate any platforms or providers for participating in the directory.