LMS – Learning Management System Pricing

BY Jeff Cobb

Learning management system pricing in the association market has evolved quite a bit over the years and, for the most part, has gotten somewhat lower.

Based on data gathered from 20 different association LMS vendors, here are average costs in year Year 1 (which usually includes some level of implementation fees) and over a 3-year period for various user levels. These are all for solutions hosted by the LMS company (i.e., software as a service, SaaS) and they include e-commerce capabilities (though transaction fees are not covered):

  • Up to 500: Year 1 $22,376 |  3-Year Total: $43,889
  • Up to 2500: Year 1 $38,817 |  3-Year Total: $83,863
  • Up to 5000: Year 1 $54,060 |  3-Year Total: $121,047
  • Up to 10,000: Year 1 $71,943 |  3-Year Total: $171,763
  • Up to 25,000: Year 1 $101,760 |  3-Year Total: $235,547

Keep in mind that these are averages. Some of the companies we cover certainly come in lower than the low end figures above, and of course, some come in quite a bit higher.

The above averages, I should note, are based on pricing from providers which we have found to be very active in the association sector. For more information about these providers, be sure to check out our Learning Platform Business Directory and also the user reviews on our ReviewMyLMS site.


For verified reviews of learning management systems that are a good fit for trade and professional associations as well as other market-facing learning businesses, be sure to check out our ReviewMyLMS site.

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