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White Papers

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Handouts and Visuals

Here are some other resources you might find valuable for growing and improving your continuing education and professional development business.

  • The Value Ramp
    It’s hard to beat the Value Ramp as a concise tool for making sense of your education product line and develop the most powerful strategy for delivering value to your members and customers.
  • The Market Insight Matrix
    The Matrix provides an straightforward way to monitor your market on an ongoing basis and determine
  • 10 Key Trends in the Market for Lifelong Learning
    This two-pager provides a brief overview of the 10 trends that we think learning leaders need to have front of mind as they plot their strategy for the coming years.
  • 7-Step LMS Selection Process
    A handy infographic that illustrates our time-tested, 7-step process for selecting learning technologies
  • 20 Tips for Successful Virtual Events
    Some great tips you may want to try out with your first or next virtual event.

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Do You Know About the Leading Learning Symposium?

The Leading Learning Symposium is an annual event designed for leaders at the director level and above in organizations that focus on lifelong learning either as their main business or as a major line of business. It’s goal is to help organizations navigate the rapidly evolving market for lifelong learning and dramatically boost the reach, revenue, and impact of their continuing education and professional development businesses. The 2016 Leading Learning Symposium will be held in Baltimore on October 24 and 25. To find out more, visit the event Web site.

Join us for the Leading Learning Symposium, October 27-28 in Baltimore

Join us for the Leading Learning Annual Symposium, October 24-25 in Baltimore