Are you leading learning? 7 questions for reflection

BY Jeff Cobb

Leading Learning Reflection QuestionsWe recently held our Leading Learning Spring Summit in DC, a lunch event for leaders in the business of continuing education and professional development. The event marked yet another occasion for reflecting on what it means to lead in the current market for lifelong learning. The following are seven questions I think are worth revisiting, reflecting on, and discussing regularly within our organizations:

  • Are we supporting our learners effectively in “learning to learn” and maximizing the return they get from learning experiences?
  • Are we investing in the performance and effectiveness of our subject matter experts, presenters, and facilitators?
  • Are we thinking and acting in terms of networks and relationships instead of transactions – i.e., do we treat learning as a process instead of an event?
  • Have we articulated a clear value story for our portfolio of learning offerings and developed a value ramp to support it?
  • Have we found and do we continue to seek a variety if ways to demonstrate the impact of our learning offerings?
  • Do we understand the overlap between marketing and learning and continually strive to  improve our capacity to leverage all 4 Ps?
  • Are we using technology in ways that effectively support all of the above?

I’ve purposely not elaborated on the points above. Reflection upon – and learning from – the questions is much more effective if we provide the elaboration ourselves. If you have any questions or comments, though, please use the comments area below to share them.


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