What’s in a name

Tagoras: pronounced tah-GOR-us

To coin a new word when naming a company can be a somewhat risky proposition, but we decided to take a risk in naming Tagoras because we have seen from past experience how powerful it can be to fill a word with meaning over time.

The name Tagoras purposely derives from multiple sources to represent the unique blend of knowledge and experience we offer. Incorporated within it are:

In ancient Greece, the agora was the public marketplace and the center of civic interaction. It was where citizens connected, learned, and transacted business. At Tagoras, we embrace the spirit of the Agora through our work.

This ancient Greek philosopher is credited by Plato with having founded the Sophist movement. Unjustly maligned in subsequent centuries—especially by Plato himself—the Sophists were the first professional teachers and, in that role, were seekers of truth through dialogue. At Tagoras we believe in reclaiming that tradition.

Tags (< >) are essential to the syntax and structure of the World Wide Web. In a Web 2.0 world, the use of tags to attach descriptive metadata to Web pages, graphical images, and other Web objects facilitates the functioning of search engine technologies and social media applications. Tags are all about making sense of things. At Tagoras, our goal is to help you do the same.

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