How Are Associations Using Learning Technologies?

BY Celisa Steele

We periodically run a survey to answer the question How are associations using learning technologies? And it’s that time again. If you work for a membership organization, we need your help. We just launched the survey that will be the backbone of the updated version of the Association Learning + Technology report due out in September.

The purpose of the survey and the resulting report is to better understand how associations are and aren’t using technology to deliver educational products and services. Your participation is very important—even if you do not currently use or plan to use technology to deliver or enhance your learning products and regardless of the size or budget of your association.

How You Can Help

You can help in two ways:

The survey takes, on average, 10 minutes to complete (very short for those not using technology, longer for those who are).

  • Spread the word.

Point your association colleagues who work in continuing education and professional development to the survey at


If you’re wondering What’s in it for me?, we’ve got a two-part answer to appeal to your altruistic side and your healthily selfish side. 😉

  • Contribute to research that will help you see how your organization compares to others in the association world in terms of the use of technology to enable and enhance learning.

We’ll make the report based on this survey available for free. We’ve issued this report four times in the past, and it’s always yielded interesting insights. The survey is largely the same as last time—which allows us to see and comment on trends and changes. To get an idea of the type of information you’ll get from the report that will come from this survey, see our 2016 Association + Technology report, which is freely available, as this new one will be.

  • Get a chance to win.

At the end of the survey, you can register to be entered in a drawing for one of three Amazon gift cards worth $100 that we will give away to three randomly selected survey participants. (That’s enough for an Amazon Echo Dot, a Kindle e-reader, a Fire tablet with Alexa, a Samsung Gear virtual reality headset, or any number of books—but winners can use the gift card for whatever they’d like, as long as it’s available on Amazon.)

Thanks for your help with the Association Learning + Technology Survey!


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