We can help you assess and better understand your market for education and learning, then implement the right strategy.

An effective strategy for marketing continuing education and professional development programs is more important than ever before. Competition from other organizations, commercial providers, and free products has increased dramatically over the past several years. Through targeted consulting projects, advisory services, and executive briefings we help clients tackle the tough issues that come with successfully marketing continuing education and lifelong learning experiences. These include:

  • Market Definition
    We help clients better understand the key characteristics and behaviors of their markets and align these with the highest value opportunities.
  • Pricing
    We help clients better understand how to price across the full spectrum of their offerings in order to maximize top line and net revenue.
  • Content Marketing
    Effective content marketing is an essential part of succeeding in the competitive market for continuing education and professional development. We help clients embrace content creation and curation to drive business results.
  • Search
    We stay on top of the evolving role of search in the market for continuing education and professional development and advise clients on the most essential strategies and tactics.
  • Conversion
    We advise clients on the effective use of copywriting, landing pages, and other essential Internet marketing tactics
  • Analytics
    We help clients develop appropriate strategies for tracking and analyzing the impact of their marketing efforts and their overall engagement in the communities they serve.


If your organization markets Web-based knowledge and learning services, it’s hard to imagine a better ally.

Jeffrey LaRiche, CEO, Castle Worldwide

These are just a few examples of the areas in which we can help your organization market its continuing education and professional development offerings more effectively. We encourage you to view our client list and read some of what our customers say about us. Then contact us to discuss in detail how we can be of help to you!