Digital Badges and Professional Development (A Free Online Session)

BY Celisa Steele

EDUCAUSE logoThis Thursday our 2015 Leading Learning complimentary Webinars resume after the summer hiatus. The topic is a trend I know to interest a lot of organizations–digital badging–and it’ll be presented by EDUCAUSE, an association experienced with badging and ready to share its lessons learned.

I think the interest in badging is well warranted. Digital badges and other microcredentials make a lot of sense today:

  • There are studies that say the skills gained through a college degree may only be valid for five years.
  • Frequent job changes are par for the course. Millennials average only two years in a job.
  • The average life span continues to increase.

When you combine the short half-life of knowledge with the fact that we’re changing jobs more often and living longer, it seems obvious that we need good ways to keep learning and good ways to meaningfully document our learning.

Breakthrough Models Academy badge from EDUCAUSEDigital Badges Are Self-Verifying

Meaningful documentation is exactly what digital badges offer–they embed information about what the learner has done. As the Microcredentials Research Group at Arizona State University puts it:

Rather than standing in for the collection of knowledge and assessment that led to the earning of the credential, microcredentials act as a pointer to the criteria, endorsement, and ideally the demonstration of the skills or experience represented by the microcredential.

So microcredentials can be essentially self-verifying. That’s huge in today’s lifelong market, where options abound and learners will increasingly make decisions based on the demonstrated impact.

Lessons Learned: EDUCAUSE’s Experience with Digital Badging

Veronica Diaz of EDUCAUSEVeronica Diaz, the director of online programs at EDUCAUSE and the associate director of the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, and Sondra Smith, the director of special projects at EDUCAUSE, will present Thursday’s session, covering everything from what digital badges are to the lessons they learned in rolling out their association’s badging program.

Sondra Smith of EDUCAUSE

We always allow time for questions and comments from participants, so come with your questions Thursday.

All registrants for a Webinar receive access to a recording–so even if you can’t attend live, you can still access the content, or use the recording to review key points.

Badging to Support Professional Development and Career Building

August 27, 1 pm Eastern | Sponsored by Digitec Interactive

Professional development requires lifelong learning. Badging has become a viable method to document what is accomplished through career opportunities that extend beyond earning a formal degree and provides a digital transcript that highlights a learning narrative that makes competencies, accomplishments, and connections more visible. During this Webinar, you’ll learn more about the importance of badging as a signal for continued learning and involvement within professional communities. We’ll define badging within a professional development context, explain the importance of badging for a digital professional portfolio, and examine a broader perspective for badging to support learning in higher education and other settings.

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