Who Showed Up? Online Education Exhibitors at ASAE 2012

BY Celisa Steele

Three and a half weeks may have somehow slipped past (what happened to summer?) since the 2012 ASAE Annual Meeting in Dallas, but I want to highlight the companies focused on technology-enabled learning that were on the floor at the accompanying expo.

The cost to show up and exhibit at ASAE is not insignificant, and so being there indicates, to my mind, that these organizations are serious about the business of continuing education and lifelong learning in the association market.

Since tracking these types of technologies are part of what we routinely do here at Tagoras, being able to walk the floor and check in with companies was a valuable part of the conference experience. In fact, we recorded some interviews with exhibitors at ASAE, and we’ll be releasing those videos over the coming weeks (look for the first next week), to lead up to the release of our new Association Learning Management Systems report (http://www.tagoras.com/lms-report) this fall.

The alphabetical list that follows provides a blurb on the exhibitors to give you a sense of their products and services. The companies with asterisks (*) before their name are slated to be included in the new edition of Association Learning Management Systems. (Note: We conduct all of our technology research independently and do not accept finders’ fees or commissions from any learning technology providers.)

Technology + Learning Exhibitors at ASAE 2012

BeaconLive (http://beaconlive.com)

BeaconLive delivers Webinars, Webcasts and on-demand solutions and specializes in continuing education.

Blue Sky Broadcast (http://www.blueskybroadcast.com)

Blue Sky Broadcast is a full-service provider that specializes in delivering superior live and on-demand rich media learning solutions.

* CommPartners (http://www.commpartners.com)

CommPartners provides thoughtful and intelligently designed Webcasts, Webinars, hybrid events, blended learning, learning communities, and online courses.

* Digital Ignite (http://www.digitalignite.com)

Digital Ignite’s Crowd Wisdom™ is a social learning LMS with key professional development features to help learners search, find, and share knowledge and launch rich learning experiences.

* Digitec Interactive (http://www.digitecinteractive.com)

Digitec Interactive, a full service e-learning production company, develops Knowledge Direct, an affordable, easy-to-use learning management system associations.

Digitell (http://www.digitellinc.com)

Digitell offers simple, easy, low-cost solutions for live broadcasting, virtual meetings, Webinars, content capture, and distribution. High-quality streaming with chat, polling, Q&A, registration, e-commerce, CE/CME system, and tech support provide a complete solution at an affordable price. Digitell also offers 3D, immersive, avatar-based modules.

* iCohere (http://www.icohere.com)

iCohere’s all-in-one platform provides collaboration software and groupware and knowledge management tools to create communities of practice, build learning communities, and deliver professional learning and collaboration online.

KRM Information Services (http://www.krm.com)

A full-service partner, KRM delivers high-quality digital events, Webcasts, videocasts, and Webinars.

LearningZen.com (http://www.learningzen.com)

LearningZen.com is a low-cost, easy-to-use online training and assessment platform.

* LearnSomething (http://www.learnsomething.com)

LearnSomething designs and develops Web-based continuing education programs and offers learning management systems to support associations in increasing non-dues revenue and achieving learning and training goals.

ON24 (http://www.on24.com)

ON24 provides cloud-based solutions for Webcasts, virtual events, and Webinars.

* Peach New Media (http://www.peachnewmedia.com)

Peach offers the Freestone learning management system, Virtual Study Groups, managed Webinars and Webcasts, and media production.

SeminarWeb (http://www.seminarweb.com)

SeminarWeb provides managed distance learning solutions for live Web seminars and meetings, teleseminars, self-paced learning, and more.

SmarterU (http://www.smarteru.com)

Online training through SmarterU.com provides affordable, effective member education opportunities. It features an integrated course authoring tool, and the company has instructional designers on staff.

Vubiz (http://www.vubiz.com)

Vubiz describes itself as “an award-winning e-learning company with unbeatable pricing, quality online courses and outstanding customer service.”

* WBT Systems (http://www.wbtsystems.com)

WBT Systems provides learning solutions to associations, including its TopClass learning management system, designed specifically for the association market.

* Web Courseworks (http://www.webcourseworks.com)

Web Courseworks offers e-learning products and services to support association online professional development, including CourseStage LMS, the CourseCreate authoring system, instructional design, and custom tutorial development.


  1. Dave Will says:

    Love this, Jeff. Very cool to have an objective summary. Nicely done.

    1. Thanks, Dave. Glad Peach was there, but we missed seeing you in Dallas.

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