Association LMSes: An Interview with Paul Meyer of Starfield Talent Management Solutions

BY Celisa Steele

Starfield Talent Management Solutions is one of the association LMS vendors featured in the 2013 Association Learning Management Systems report and the focus of this week’s interview.

In this six-and-half-minute Skype video, Jeff interviews Paul Meyer, president of Starfield Talent Management Solutions.

Paul answers four main questions:

  1. Who is Starfield Talent Management Solutions, and what does the company do?
  2. What differentiates Starfield from other LMS companies working in the association space?
  3. How does Starfield define talent management, and what is the role of talent management in education for external audiences?
  4. What’s coming down the pike for learning in the next couple of years?

In answering the third question, Paul points out that Starfield offers an integrated suite of tools for managing and overseeing the full career lifecycle, from on-boarding through succession planning. While Starfield works in other markets where talent management is a natural fit with internal employee development, Paul believes something like what Starfield offers could change what’s possible for associations that don’t have big HR departments, by tying a full range of features and functionalities together via a single interface.

Given most are guardians of a trade or a profession, associations do seem to have a calling to focus on talent management in a way that broadens the insular focus of corporations.


P.S.  – You can find a link to all of the interviews as well as other free resources for selecting a learning management system on our Association LMS Resources Page.

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