Association LMS: An Interview with Jeff Walter of Latitude Learning

BY Celisa Steele

Yet another installment in our series of interviews with association LMS providers we track. In this nine-minute Skype video, Jeff Cobb interviews Jeff Walter, CEO of Latitude Learning.

Jeff Walter answers our three usual questions (what does the company do, what differentiates it, and what’s coming down the pike for learning) and talks about Latitude’s Forever Free LMS offering.

The Forever Free LMS allows an organization to have up to 100 active users at a time (and users can be deactivated to free up room for new folks).

One of the associations using the free 100 license is a trade association down in the Philippines, and they’ve actually set up three or four free 100-user LMSes…. Some of our highest utilizers are in the free program. If what you’re looking for is the basic LMS for e-learning and classroom-based instruction linking out to a third-party Webinar, then the standard configuration will work for you. We then have add-ons for additional functionality. Our integrated Webinar system, e-commerce, certifications, and curriculums are add-ons.

We see real potential in free offerings, like Latitude’s, for associations that are willing to put the time into thoroughly vetting a system before making a selection and even for pilot testing. There’s nothing like rolling up your sleeves for understanding the possibilities—and limitations—of a system.


P.S. You can find a link to all the interviews as well as other free resources for selecting a learning management system on our Association LMS Resources page.

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