Association LMS: An Interview with Jodi Harrison of Interactyx

BY Celisa Steele

Jodi Harrison of InteractyxHere’s another installment in our series of interviews with association LMS providers we track. In this 5-minute audio interview recorded via Skype, I chat with Jodi Harrison, vice president of business development at Interactyx, which offers the TOPYX LMS to associations.

Jodi responds to four questions:

  1. Who is Interactyx?
  2. What differentiates Interactyx from other LMS companies serving associations?
  3. What does social learning mean to Interactyx, and how does TOPYX support it?
  4. What’s coming down the pike in the near future for learning?

Jodi, in her response to that last question, is the first of our interviewees to bring up Tin Can. In a nutshell, the Tin Can API is intended as next advance in the world of e-learning specifications. SCORM is over 10 years old, and Project Tin Can (which gave rise to the Tin Can API) is founded on the premise that a lot has changed in technology and e-learning in that decade or so, and e-learning specifications need to account for all that change. (To learn more about Tin Can, check out Jodi comments:

We’re gearing up for Tin Can. We’re obviously not moving away from SCORM. Our first foray into Tin Can is the SCORM Tin Can player (in probably the second quarter of next year). Then we’re looking at an API for Tin Can for all of TOPYX as we move towards the end of next year, gearing up for a TOPYX LRS [learning record store] in 2014.


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