Association LMS: An Interview with Lance Simon of iCohere

BY Celisa Steele

Here’s the next in our series of interviews with association LMS providers we track.

In this video captured via Skype, I chat with Lance Simon, vice president of client and government solutions at iCohere, which bills itself as the “all-in-one professional learning solution.”

Lance talks to four topics:

  1. Who is iCohere, and what does the company do?
  2. What differentiates iCohere from other LMS companies working in the association space?
  3. Where is social learning now? What’s changed or evolved, for better or for worse?
  4. What’s coming down the pike for learning in the relatively near term?

When talking about his company compared to other LMS companies serving associations, Lance emphasizes iCohere’s ease of use and, related to that ease, its potential for rapid rollout:

I consider iCohere to be a really easy to use and affordable LMS “lite.” I think for folks who want to do courses that are either computer-based training or have a series of modules, video presentations, or other materials that are associated with assessments, and they want to be able to launch that program without a six-month development process…we have a fantastic solution for them.

The way Lance describes iCohere resonates with what I’ve seen happening in the market—there has been a lot of blurring of lines and conflation of what were traditionally different learning technologies (e.g., authoring and delivery). These changes have led to much discussion (what is an LMS?) and even heated debates (is the LMS dead?). We see that discussion and those changes as healthy indicators that the technology companies are responding to their environment and evolving.

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