Association LMS Interview – Educadium

BY Jeff Cobb

educadium-logoIn this latest installment of  our series of interviews with learning management systems (LMS) providers I talk with Todd Harris, President of Educadium. Among the companies I have interviewed so far, Educadium holds the distinction of being the only one that offers a fully-functional free version of its platform, Easy Campus. Up to 25 users may use the platform for free – and I know from my own experience that signing up for and getting started on the free version is a breeze, so be sure to check it out. If this is new terrain for you, it’s an especially good way to kick the tires on an LMS.

Pricing for additional levels of usage of Easy Campus is clearly published on the company’s Web site – another detail that distinguishes Educadium from the other companies I have interviewed. Not surprisingly, one of the points that Todd and I discuss in the interview is LMS pricing and what he feels will happen to traditional LMSes with annual license fees that range from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Todd’s view is that many of the legacy companies are surviving because customers don’t have full information. That situation is changing quickly. “The market will continue to consolidate,” he says, ” and associations will benefit.”

As far as associations go, Educadium serves organizations of all sizes, but has chosen to place particular emphasis on regional and state level associations. Unlike larger national and international organizations, these smaller groups have typically not had the budget or the staff resources to make much headway with e-learning. Educadium hopes to change that by providing not just a low-cost software platform but also a complete “ecosystem” of support, as Harris puts it, to help smaller organizations be successful.

As with all of the LMS interviews, you will get some good information about the company in this one, but our discussion also branches into broader areas that should be of interest even to listeners who are not necessarily shopping for an LMS right now. To hear all of what Todd has to say you can download the audio clip or use the player below to play it right here on the site. The interview is about 15 minutes long.


Enjoy, and as always, please let me know if there is anything I could do that might make these interviews more useful to you. (And if you want to be sure to know as soon as the next one becomes available, I encourage you to subscribe by RSS or by e-mail.)


P.S. – You can easily access all of the interviews at: Also, check out our resources page for some great free resources on the state of e-learning in the association sector, Webinars, LMSes, and more.

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