Association LMS: An Interview with Todd Harris of Educadium

BY Celisa Steele

Educadium logoIn this post we continue our series of interviews with the association LMS providers we track.

In this 6-minute audio interview recorded via Skype, Jeff talks with Todd Harris, president of Educadium, which offers the EasyCampus LMS to associations.

Todd responds to four questions:

  1. Who is Educadium?
  2. What differentiates Educadium from other LMS companies serving associations?
  3. What kind of issues do nonprofits and associations typically encounter when transitioning to an LMS?
  4. What’s coming down the pike in the near future for learning?

In his response to that last question, Todd mentions mobile, as have other interviewees in this series. But he focuses on tablets specifically:

We see large growth with tablets like the iPad—much larger than that of smartphones. The tablet market really makes learning a lot more accessible to members of associations. It’s a better user experience than traditional mobile. To those ends, we’ve invested a lot in new cross-platform solutions…. I believe you’ve got to look towards the future with the goal of being able to access courses anytime, anywhere…. The tablet-size screen seems to be a sweet spot, and we’re investing heavily in that area.


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