Association LMS: An Interview with Rich Finstein of CommPartners

BY Celisa Steele

On this post-Super Bowl Wednesday (is that a thing?), we continue our series of interviews with association LMS providers we track.

In this video captured via Skype, I talk with Rich Finstein, president of CommPartners, which offers the MemberSight Community.

Rich speaks to four topics:

  1. Who is CommPartners, and what does the company do?
  2. What differentiates CommPartners from other LMS companies working in the association space?
  3. What made CommPartners decide to develop relationships with consultants, and how does the company leverage them to serve its clients?
  4. What’s coming down the pike for learning in the next couple of years?

When looking at the future, Rich sees challenges for associations:

I should preface this by saying about 90 percent of our clients are associations, so we’re very focused on that community. I think it’s very challenging for [those] organizations right now. They have a lot more competition…. I think it’s important that organizations recognize the value of education as an engagement tool, and I think that’s going to become increasingly critical to organizations. I would like to see them sponsor that conversation—to be the organization that facilitates that exchange in combination with education. In a sense, you’re defining your space. The spheres of community and social media combined with education are going to be very important for these organizations.

So, along with the challenges, Rich also sees opportunity for associations to play the critical role of convener and to define, or redefine, what they do—and to use social media, virtual community, and online education as tools for engaging organizations and individuals in their shared work, field, or passion, whatever those may be.


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