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BY Celisa Steele

Tagoras Association Learning + Technology 2016Today we’re officially announcing a new version our widely-read Association Learning + Technology report. Association Learning + Technology 2016 continues our work in three prior reports (published in 2009, 2011, and 2014) to assess the use of technology to enable and enhance learning in the association market and provide insight into how the use of technology for learning may evolve in the coming years.

We’re grateful to YM Learning (formerly Digital Ignite) for sponsoring the report and making it possible to distribute it at no charge. While we don’t charge for it, we do ask that you sign up to receive the report—we rely on the Leading Learning community to make it possible to do effective, affordable research, so we ask that those who receive the research agree to be part of the community. The sign-up form is at the end of this post (and you can unsubscribe easily, at any time).

What the Report Covers

At the heart of the report is a sector-wide online survey conducted this past fall. While the survey behind this report is very similar to the survey used for the last report, we made a few changes to focus on key issues and identify emerging trends. We asked for the first time about the following topics:

  • Microlearning
  • The use of technology to repeat, reinforce, or sustain learning
  • If organizations measure whether learning occurs as a result of participation in their technology-enabled or technology-enhanced educational products and services
  • If organizations integrate the data from their learning technology platforms with data from their other technology platforms (e.g., the almighty association management system) and if they use the data they collect to make product decisions
  • Whether someone in the organization holds the title of chief learning officer (CLO) or a similar C-level title that references learning, education, or knowledge

Out of 174 qualifying responses to the survey, 87.4 percent were from individuals who indicated their organizations currently offer technology-enabled or technology-enhanced learning. We asked this subset of respondents a range of questions about their technology usage:

  • What types of technology-enabled or technology-enhanced learning are they offering (e.g., Webinars, online courses, and facilitated and blended learning)?
  • Are they offering any “trendier” options like microlearning, massive open online courses (MOOCs), digital badges or other microcredentials, flipped classrooms, or gamified learning?
  • What types of technology platforms do they use to support learning (e.g., learning management systems, learning content management systems, online community platforms, and Webinar platforms)?
  • To what extent are they using social media for learning?
  • Do they offer mobile-friendly versions of their learning content?Tagoras Association Learning + Technology 2016
  • Are they video streaming their conferences or offering virtual conferences?
  • How successful overall are they with their use of technology for learning? How satisfied are they with their use of technology for learning in terms of revenue generation, participation levels, and other factors?

Those are just some of the areas covered in the report, where we not only provide the survey results, but comment on the implications for the data to organizations in the business of lifelong learning, professional development, and continuing education.

This report can help you assess your use of technology for learning and contemplate your next steps as you plan for and implement your educational initiatives in 2016.

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