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BY Jeff Cobb

Celisa and I had the chance to walk the expo floor at the ASAE Technology Conference recently, and as we have in the past, we wanted to highlight  the association LMS and technology-enabled learning providers that were there.

ASAE Technology Conference - Image of Exhibitor Search Engine

The cost to show up and exhibit at the ASAE Technology Conference is not insignificant, so being there indicates, from our perspective, that the exhibiting companies are serious about the business of continuing education and lifelong learning in the association market. As we did at the ASAE annual meeting, we recorded interviews with some of the exhibitors and these are inserted throughout the post below.

In the interviews, we ask platform providers about their perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing organizations in the business of lifelong learning as well as about trends they are excited about. Watching this series of brief interviews will give some great perspectives on how the business of lifelong learning is evolving and will continue to evolve in the coming year.

The alphabetical list that follows provides a blurb on the exhibitors to give you a sense of their products and services. Other than a couple of side notes, this language is taken from what the vendors themselves provided to ASAE.  (Note: We conduct all of our technology research independently and do not accept finders’ fees or commissions from any learning technology providers.)

ASAE Technology Conference: LMS Platforms

The following are companies that fall – more or less – into the learning management system, or LMS category. We say “more or less,” because LMS is somewhat of a confusing term in this market, arguably more so than in other markets. The key commonality is that all of them offer a platform for delivering and tracking online learning experiences.

Abila (www.abila.com)
For anyone who missed it, Abila acquired Peach New Media in 2015, and with it, Peach’s Freestone learning management system. The company also offers a range of other association-related platforms and describes itself as “the leading provider of software and services to associations, helping them use data and personal insight to improve financial and strategic decision making, enhance member engagement and value, operate more efficiently, and increase revenue. Our netFORUM™ AMS and Freestone™ LMS enable associations to deliver a powerful membership experience.”

Asentia (www.asentialms.com)
Asentia offers Enterprise Learning Management for Associations. Manage your eLearning, classroom and Web meetings, training resources, run automated reports and more in one easy to use application.

Aura Innovative Technology (www.aurachicago.com)
The Aura eStore offers a fully configurable platform featuring online courses, quizzes, surveys, certificates, course credits, and easy online registration on any platform without interruption.

BizVision (www.bizvision.com)
BizVision provides live event streaming, on-demand video education, interactive video player, LMS, content creation, and a nationwide network of videographers. (ASAE Annual and ASAE Technology Conference)

CommPartners (www.commpartners.com)
CommPartners helps associations build strong, valued connections with their communities through knowledge sharing. Our LMS, Elevate, uniquely blends formal and informal learning experiences in a vibrant environment that brings education to life and establishes you as your industry’s centerpiece for professional education and peer engagement. (ASAE Annual and ASAE Technology Conference)

Cornerstone OnDemand (www.cornerstoneondemand.com)
Cornerstone OnDemand is pioneering solutions to help organizations realize the potential of the modern workforce. As a global leader in cloud-based learning and talent management software, Cornerstone is designed to enable a lifetime of learning and development that is fundamental to the growth of employees and organizations. (ASAE Annual and ASAE Technology Conference)

Digitec Interactive (www.digitecinteractive.com)
Transform Learning. Change Lives. Association focused since 2003. Now with a complete redesign of the Knowledge Direct platform, we’re bringing new vision to member education.

Digitell (www.digitellinc.com)
Digitell has been servicing the Association market for 30 years, providing solutions that includes Live Streaming, Content Capture for On-Demand Access, Re-Broadcasts, Webinars, Virtual Events, content Sales and our NEW OPUS Platform. Our solutions help you leverage your content to increase physical attendance, reach new markets and drive significant revenue. Watch our interview with Jim Parker of Digitell at the ASAE annual meeting. (ASAE Annual and ASAE Technology Conference)

iCohere (www.icohere.com)
iCohere provides an all-in-one solution for professional learning and collaboration. We have been the premier LMS + Communities + Webinars solution for 15 years!

LearnSomething (www.learnsomething.com)
Learner Community® is an award-winning learning management system designed to maximize your ability to deliver effective education and training for associations and non-profits. (ASAE Annual and ASAE Technology Conference)

MULTILEARNING (www.multieportal.com)
MULTILEARNING provides LMS Portals, iPhone/iPad/Android eLearning Apps, authoring Tools to generate Learning Modules/Accredited Lectures for true mobile MOC/CME/CE.

Naylor Learning Solutions powered by Blue Sky eLearn (www.naylor.com/learning-solutions-3)
Naylor helps drive member engagement and revenue for 1,800+ trade and professional associations in North America by offering solutions that include communications strategy and content development for print, digital, video and social media; event management; advertising, sponsorship & exhibit sales; career centers, learning management, association management and software (AMS) solutions. Blue Sky provides cloud-based learning solutions to maximize your content and create deeper engagement with your audience anywhere in the world. (ASAE Annual and ASAE Technology Conference)

NextThought (www.nextthought.com)
NextThought is a premium online learning solutions company specializing in collaboration and community. We offer learning design, video, content production, marketing and software services. (ASAE Annual and ASAE Technology Conference)

Scitent (www.scitent.com)
Scitent helps nonprofits and associations launch and grow their eLearning business through market-leading LMS and distribution technology and business support services. (ASAE Annual and ASAE Technology Conference)

Third Thought (www.msae.org/OnlineLearning)
Third Thought® is a new affordable solution that positions your organization as the Google for your industry. Members, especially those new to the profession, want to locate quality, targeted information quickly. With a library, virtual classrooms, community forums and self-assessments, this platform will set you apart from the competition. Watch our interview with Cheryl Ronk, President of the Michigan Society of Association Executives, about Third Thought.

WBT Systems (www.wbtsystems.com)
WBT Systems helps Associations to develop education and certification programs, providing an engaging, personalized experience for learners with TopClass, the #1 Association Learning Management System. Watch our interview with Mike Bourassa of WBT Systems at the ASAE annual meeting. (ASAE Annual and ASAE Technology Conference)

Web Courseworks (www.webcourseworks.com)
Web Courseworks is a learning technologies and consulting company. We help associations drive successful education initiatives with our learning management system and quality improvement platforms. (ASAE Annual and ASAE Technology Conference)

YourMembership (www.yourmembership.com)
YourMembership provides comprehensive membership technologies + solutions to over 5,000 customers in 32 countries with 20 million members served worldwide. YM’s ecosystem of connected products include Association, Community and Learning Management Software, Career Centers, Media Solutions, and Mobile applications all designed to take member engagement to levels never imagined. (ASAE Annual and ASAE Technology Conference)

ASAE Technology Conference: Webinars and Webcasts

The following companies focus on providing Webinar and Webcasting services. (While a number of the companies above – namely Abila, BlueSky, Commpartners, Digitell, and InReach – also provide Webinar and Webcasting services, they also offer full-featured platforms for managing an overall learning experience.)

BeaconLive (www.beaconlive.com)
BeaconLive delivers professional webinars, webcasts and on-demand solutions-specializing in continuing education. BeaconLive partners with you, overseeing every detail of your events, to ensure flawless execution.

Infinite Conferencing (www.infiniteconferencing.com)
Infinite Conferencing specializes in Conference Calls, Web Conferencing, Webinar, Webcasting and Streaming solutions.

ASAE Technology Conference: Educational Materials

Tizra (www.tizra.com)
Tizra offers a flexible digital publishing platform that lets associations sell and distribute ebooks, educational materials and other electronic content direct to users.

Let me know if I seem to have missed anyone in this round up of association LMS and learning technology providers at ASAE Annual 2016. Naturally, be sure to check out our free learning technology resources as well as our full list of association LMS providers while you are here.


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