ASAE 2010 Postgame – More Learning 2.0

BY Jeff Cobb

In a previous post on Learning 2.0 at (and after and around) the ASAE annual meeting I emphasized Twitter as a learning tool. To follow up, I want to highlight the round-up of blog posts that ASAE itself has linked to from its Acronym blog.

Whether or not you were able to attend the meeting, taking a tour of these posts is a great learning experience. And no doubt each was also an excellent way for the writer to reflect on the experience and consolidate learning by putting thoughts into writing.

Here are the Acronym posts. Each contains a dozen or more links to bloggers sharing thoughts about the annual meeting experience:

I won’t continue to harp on how powerful this sort of thing is – the learning, the link juice, the potentially viral exposure, and all as part of a natural process of providing great value to members. One last item I will throw in, though, is that you can view an archive of all of the tweets that came out of and are continuing to come out of the annual meeting at:

(Twitter itself does not keep tweets for all that long, so if you want to have a record of tweets from your conferences, tweet chats, etc., TwapperKeeper is a good option.)


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