Is the average adult well prepared to be an effective lifelong learner?

BY Jeff Cobb

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I had the pleasure of talking with Amrit Ahluwalia of The EvoLLLution last week about whether the average adult is prepared to be an effective lifelong learner. You can access the interview at the following links:

I mention this not just to be self-serving (though I won’t claim to be above that), but also to point out (a) The EvoLLLution as an organization, and (b) audio interviews and transcripts as a value-creation tactic.

First, The EvoLLLution is a relatively new online newspaper dedicated to providing “detailed opinions, news, and research about the impact of non-traditional programs on the higher education industry and society-at-large.” The “non-traditional” market is huge and I think The EvoLLLution is yet another sign that recognition of the important role it plays in the global learning economy is growing. I encourage you to visit the site and subscribe for free. You will also get access to a free eBook in the process.

Second, in doing an audio interview with me and then creating a nicely formatted transcript of it, Amrit leveraged a tactic I have advocated (and practiced) on many occasions, and one that is certainly available to any organization that regularly works with or is in contact with subject matter experts. Conducting a brief interview, with targeted questions that will resonate with your audience is a great way to add some free content to your value continuum. Doing this helps you to:

  • Develop and maintain your reputation and authority as a consistent knowledge resource for the market you serve;
  • Continually gauge what is of most interest and value to your market, based on traffic, feedback, downloads, etc. These insights can be a huge help in making decisions about new offerings;
  • Leverage experts as partners in promotion – after all, I am now blogging about Amrit’s interview;
  • Point the way to higher value, paid products – both indirectly and by actually mentioning/linking to these products when relevant. (This is an important part of leveraging the “Value Ramp” concept.)

It’s getting harder and harder to simply publish a catalog of courses and expect people to flock to them, no matter how good they may be. You have to create a platform (and not merely in the technological sense) through which you continually engage and demonstrate value. A simple approach like audio interviews and transcripts can be a powerful part of this approach.


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