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BY Jeff Cobb

Month in and month out, we issue our Leading Learning newsletter, a carefully curated collection of resource links and other useful information. In October, though, we missed a beat because we were so busy planning for the Leading Learning Symposium. To make up for that, we’ve just published a double issue of the newsletter and we’ve added a new category of content to boot.

So, there’s never been a better time to subscribe – or to tell others to subscribe. Just use the form below, and upon receiving and clicking the link in the confirmation e-mail, you will automatically be sent the October-November double edition along with links to other valuable resources. If you want a better understanding of the type of content that comes in the newsletter, just scroll down to see the “Leading Links” section from the September edition.


Leading Links (September 2015)

Resources to help you boost the reach, revenue, and impact of your lifelong learning business. ************************************* Tagoras Highlight *************************************​ Visionary Talk about the Global Market for Lifelong Learning In this brief video, innovation expert and Leading Learning Symposium faculty member Seth Kahan discusses the rapidly evolving market for lifelong learning with Jeff. Tune in to hear about three areas leaders really need to be focused on right now. ************************************* Strategy & Innovation *************************************​ Micro-Credentials: The Future of Professional Learning We’ve written and talked quite a bit about microcredentials in general, and badging specifically, over the course of the past couple of years. We see it as one of the emerging trends most likely to have an impact on the market for continuing education and professional development, and this article by Tom Vander Ark provides more evidence to support that view. In it, he highlights recent moves by the big MOOC providers, Coursera and Udacity, to emphasis microcredentials as a part of post-graduate training or, in many instance, as a replacement for a traditional degree. If you have not yet fully assessed where microcredentials fit into your own strategy, now is the time. By the way, if you have not already, be sure to grab our free white paper on flipping, microcredentials, and MOOCs. ******************** Learning ******************** The Secret to Better Learning That Most People Don’t Know This shouldn’t be a secret – at least to people in the education business – but we find it often still is. It’s an approach to learning that we are striving to weave into the Leading Learning Symposium, and a key reason we have included Make It Stick as one of our Emphatically Recommended Readings for the symposium. But, of course, you are going to have to click to find out what it is. (It’s a secret, after all.) ******************** Marketing ******************** The Single Most Potent Marketing Tactic of All We’ll forewarn you that this is not the kind of post you can just breeze through and move on. It’s the kind of post you will want to bookmark (or have the appropriate person in your organization bookmark) and revisit in a focused way over time. In it, John Jantsch – whose work we have followed for many years – provides a jumping off point into his concept of a Total Content System. It’s not the kind of thing you can make happen over night, but we think it is the ideal toward which every education business should direct its marketing efforts. ********************* Technology ********************* Here are the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2015 Jane Hart is back once again with her annual list of 100 learning tools. Notably, Twitter tops the list for the 7th year in a row, which begs the question: how seriously are you using Twitter as part of your learning strategy? In general, this is a list you will want to spend some time perusing and reflecting upon. And we challenge you to pick at least one tool you have not tried before and take it for a spin. ​ ** That’s it for this edition for the September edition. To get the October/November double edition – and with a new content category – subscribe below. 

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